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About me


Welcome friends! For most of my adult life, I have been self-employed.... always with an entrepreneurial spirit. Thinking back as a kid, I never saw myself punching a clock and working 9 - 5. I always wanted to do my "own thing." And so that is the path I have mostly followed. My endeavors over the years have been much like life in general -- some businesses were very successful, while others, not so much. As part of my "work," I have been very fortunate to travel the world extensively. I have also been very blessed to meet, hang out with, and interact with some very successful and "important" people. Some of the meetings were for awards I was part of, others business related, and yet other meetings were shear serendipitous and fun!


One thing that I took away when I met each of these "important" people, is that they were each PASSIONATE about what they did in life. They LOVED their chosen path. And so in that same spirit, I have created this website, to share with all of you some of my passions that drive my spirit. Enjoy!

If you need any videos, video email, slideshows, multi-media, drone or photography services, I am delighted to help you with any of those. Let me know what you need, and I can give you a quote on prices. Thank you!


Travel videos

(with Weekend Explorer PBS Show)

With Hollywood Director, Ron Howard at an award ceremony

Telling your story!


Over 10 years of video experience!

With multi-Grammy winner, Norah Jones





With Ravi Shankar, sitar virtuoso


With long-time network news anchor, Brian Williams

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